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Nabil Benhamou

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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I am a software engineer with over a decade of experience in building applications ranging from small to large scale.


Principal Engineer

Property FinderDubai, United Arab Emirates

  • React Native: Led the development of the new Saudi mobile application build with Expo (React Native).

  • Implementation & Rollout of Single Sign-On: Led the refactoring of the authentication service, including the implementation and rollout of single sign-on (SSO), improving security and user access to Property Finder's Application Suite.

  • Websocket Hook Server: We rewrote our Websocket server with Express and, creating an API for handling all in-app notifications. This architecture was designed to work seamlessly with notification vendors such as Iterable and Braze.

  • Conceptualized a Command-Line Interface (CLI): Developed a powerful CLI tool to increase developer productivity and streamline workflows. Key features include the ability to scaffold new serverless services with language selection options, as well as a number of other enhancements aimed at significantly improving the developer experience (DX) across projects.

  • Authored Key RFCs: Wrote several key RFCs, including initiatives to unify error messages and implement a scalable monorepo architecture, enhancing system reliability.

  • Frontend Chapter: Guided frontend engineers through topics such as Testing Mental Model and Software Complexity.

  • Cultivating Engineering Excellence: Introduced new technologies and best practices, increasing our codebase's stability and Developer Experience.

Head of Engineering

lepermislibreLyon, France

  • Microservice Architecture Leadership:Led the team in developing microservice architecture, enhancing system modularity and scalability.

  • Frontend Architecture: Introduced a design system and monorepo, streamlining frontend refactoring for better maintainability and faster development.

  • Typescript Migration: Managed the transition from JavaScript to TypeScript, increasing type safety and reducing errors.

  • Metrics-Driven Code Health Strategy: Implemented metrics-driven strategies to track and enhance code health across projects.

  • Introduced Engineering Processes: Introduced new processes and tools to increase team efficiency, including writing RFCs for better project management and communication.

  • Code Quality Improvement: Enhanced documentation, set coding conventions, best practices, and review processes, improving code quality and team cohesion.

  • Presented Strategic Roadmap: Created a strategic roadmap for tech upgrades and system integrations, aligning with business objectives.

  • Engineering Culture: Fostered continuous learning by organizing technical workshops and training sessions.

  • Improved Developer Experience: Promoted modern development practices and tools, speeding up deployment cycles.

Lead Software Engineer

OMPAntwerp, Belgium

  • Web Technology Initiative Launch: Launched the Web Technology Initiative, transitioning OMP's software from C++ to web platforms for enhanced usability.

  • Micro-Frontend Architecture Development: Developed a micro-frontend architecture to boost scalability and maintainability across all OMP products.

  • Web Technology Team Leadership: Established and led the Web Technology Frontend Team, ensuring efficient onboarding and professional development.

  • Simplified Scalable Architecture Design: Designed a new architecture focusing on simplicity and scalability to streamline onboarding and facilitate developer growth.

  • Design System and Monorepo Implementation: Introduced a design system and monorepo that improved the refactoring and speed of frontend application development.

  • Coding Standards and Code Health Monitoring: Standardized coding conventions and review processes to improve code quality and team alignment, while employing metrics-driven strategies to monitor code health.

Lead Software Engineer

Majid Al Futtaim (Carrefour)Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • SAP Hybris to React SPA Migration: Led the strategic migration from SAP Hybris to a React Single Page Application (SPA) using the strangler pattern for smooth, phased updates.

  • Design System Initiative: Initiated and developed the design system 'Trolly' to support efficient migration processes.

  • Recommendation Engine Integration: Directed a team to integrate 'Rich Relevance', a recommendation engine, into Carrefour’s website, boosting personalized experiences and increasing order values by 20%.

  • Frontend Optimization Implementation: Implemented frontend performance optimization protocols that significantly improved page load times, responsiveness, and SEO alignment, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

Frontend Engineer

Property FinderDubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Technology Stack Update: Updated our website's technology from Backbone and jQuery to React and Redux, making it easier to scale and maintain.

  • Design and Development Collaboration Improvement: Improved how the design and development teams work together, cutting the time it takes to move designs into development by 30%.

  • Daily Collaboration with Stakeholders: Worked closely every day with the product owner and design team to ensure our website meets user needs and company goals.

  • Knowledge Sharing Culture: Created a team environment where sharing knowledge and learning from each other is encouraged.

Frontend Engineer
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BisnodeBrussels, Belgium


Frontend Engineer
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Catalyst ITSydney, Australia



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